Commit bd0f27c2 authored by Pietro Saccardi's avatar Pietro Saccardi

Correctly supporting INF as range argument.

parent 915fa99f
......@@ -17,6 +17,14 @@ ensure_logging_setup()
_log = logging.getLogger(camel_to_snake(STATUS_LED_PLUGIN_NAME))
def infrange(n):
if isinf(n):
while True:
yield float('inf')
yield from range(int(n))
class BlinkingStatus(namedtuple('BlinkingStatusBase',
['on_color', 'off_color', 'fade_in_time', 'fade_out_time', 'persist_on_time',
'persist_off_time', 'n'])):
......@@ -26,6 +34,14 @@ class BlinkingStatus(namedtuple('BlinkingStatusBase',
yield tuple([l + (r - l) * i / frames for l, r in zip(col1, col2)])
def generate(self, initial_color=(0., 0., 0.), fps=25):
if isnan(self.fade_in_time) or isinf(self.fade_in_time):
raise ValueError('fade_in_time')
if isnan(self.fade_out_time) or isinf(self.fade_out_time):
raise ValueError('fade_out_time')
if isnan(self.persist_on_time):
raise ValueError('persist_on_time')
if isnan(self.persist_off_time):
raise ValueError('persist_off_time')
# Initial transition
initial_fade_in_frames = round(self.fade_in_time * fps)
if initial_fade_in_frames > 0 and initial_color != self.on_color:
......@@ -33,23 +49,21 @@ class BlinkingStatus(namedtuple('BlinkingStatusBase',
# Repeat the sequence
fade_in_frames = max(1, round(self.fade_in_time * fps))
fade_out_frames = max(1, round(self.fade_out_time * fps))
persist_on_frames = max(1, round(self.persist_on_time * fps))
persist_off_frames = max(1, round(self.persist_off_time * fps))
persist_on_frames = float('inf') if isinf(self.persist_on_time) else \
max(1, round(self.persist_on_time * fps))
persist_off_frames = float('inf') if isinf(self.persist_off_time) else \
max(1, round(self.persist_off_time * fps))
def _generate_one_sequence():
for _ in range(persist_on_frames):
for _ in infrange(persist_on_frames):
yield self.on_color
yield from BlinkingStatus.blend(self.on_color, self.off_color, fade_out_frames)
for _ in range(persist_off_frames):
for _ in infrange(persist_off_frames):
yield self.off_color
yield from BlinkingStatus.blend(self.off_color, self.on_color, fade_in_frames)
if self.n is None or isinf(self.n) or isnan(self.n):
while True:
yield from _generate_one_sequence()
for _ in range(int(self.n)):
yield from _generate_one_sequence()
for _ in infrange(self.n):
yield from _generate_one_sequence()
@make_plugin(STATUS_LED_PLUGIN_NAME, Process.MAIN)
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