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Drafted new plugin to support showing LED status.

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from plugins.base import Process, PluginProcessBase
from plugins.decorators import make_plugin
from collections import namedtuple
from math import isinf, isnan
from import CallbackThreadHost
from threading import Lock
from misc.logging import camel_to_snake, ensure_logging_setup
import logging
from misc.settings import SETTINGS
from gpiozero import RGBLED
from Pyro4 import expose as pyro_expose, oneway as pyro_oneway
STATUS_LED_FPS = 25 # Do we really want this to be a setting too?
_log = logging.getLogger(camel_to_snake(STATUS_LED_PLUGIN_NAME))
class BlinkingStatus(namedtuple('BlinkingStatusBase',
['on_color', 'off_color', 'fade_in_time', 'fade_out_time', 'persist_on_time',
'persist_off_time', 'n'])):
def blend(col1, col2, frames):
for i in range(frames):
yield tuple([l + (r - l) * i / frames for l, r in zip(col1, col2)])
def generate(self, initial_color=(0., 0., 0.), fps=25):
# Initial transition
initial_fade_in_frames = round(self.fade_in_time * fps)
if initial_fade_in_frames > 0 and initial_color != self.on_color:
yield from BlinkingStatus.blend(initial_color, self.on_color, initial_fade_in_frames)
# Repeat the sequence
fade_in_frames = max(1, round(self.fade_in_time * fps))
fade_out_frames = max(1, round(self.fade_out_time * fps))
persist_on_frames = max(1, round(self.persist_on_time * fps))
persist_off_frames = max(1, round(self.persist_off_time * fps))
def _generate_one_sequence():
for _ in range(persist_on_frames):
yield self.on_color
yield from BlinkingStatus.blend(self.on_color, self.off_color, fade_out_frames)
for _ in range(persist_off_frames):
yield self.off_color
yield from BlinkingStatus.blend(self.off_color, self.on_color, fade_in_frames)
if self.n is None or isinf(self.n) or isnan(self.n):
while True:
yield from _generate_one_sequence()
for _ in range(int(self.n)):
yield from _generate_one_sequence()
@make_plugin(STATUS_LED_PLUGIN_NAME, Process.MAIN)
class StatusLEDPlugin(PluginProcessBase):
def __init__(self):
self._active_statuses = []
self._active_statuses_lock = Lock()
self._active_statuses_iterators = []
self._rgbled = None
self._blink_thread = CallbackThreadHost('led_blinking_thread', action=self._winkwink_thread_callback)
def get_bcm_pins_rgb():
r = SETTINGS.status_led.get('bcm_pin_r', default=None, cast_to_type=int, ge=0, le=27, allow_none=True)
g = SETTINGS.status_led.get('bcm_pin_g', default=None, cast_to_type=int, ge=0, le=27, allow_none=True)
b = SETTINGS.status_led.get('bcm_pin_b', default=None, cast_to_type=int, ge=0, le=27, allow_none=True)
if r is None and g is None and b is None:
_log.warning('You did not specify a pin number for the status LED. It will not work.')
return None
if r is None or g is None or b is None or r == g or g == b or r == b:
_log.error('You specified invalid values for the Status LED pins! It will not work.')
return None
return r, g, b
def __enter__(self):
pins = StatusLEDPlugin.get_bcm_pins_rgb()
if pins is not None:
self._rgbled = RGBLED(*pins)
return self
def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb):
# Did we really start
if self._rgbled:
self._blink_thread.__exit__(exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb)
self._rgbled = None
def _winkwink_thread_callback(self):
assert self._rgbled is not None
while True:
col = self._next_color()
if col is None:
self._rgbled.value = col
# The wait action for the stopping flags plays also the role of time.sleep
if self._blink_thread.wait_stop(timeout=1. / STATUS_LED_FPS):
def _next_color(self):
if self._rgbled is None:
return None
with self._active_statuses_lock:
color = None
to_delete = []
# Advance all iterators but keep only the last value
for i, it in enumerate(self._active_statuses_iterators):
color = next(it)
except StopIteration:
for i in sorted(to_delete, reverse=True):
del self._active_statuses[i]
del self._active_statuses_iterators[i]
return color
def _push(self, status):
with self._active_statuses_lock:
if len(self._active_statuses) == 1:
return status
def cancel(self, status):
if self._rgbled is None:
with self._active_statuses_lock:
if status not in self._active_statuses:
i = self._active_statuses.index(status)
del self._active_statuses[i]
del self._active_statuses_iterators[i]
def set(self, color, fade_in_time=0.5, persist_until_canceled=False):
return self.push_status(on_color=color, off_color=color, fade_in_time=fade_in_time, fade_out_time=0.,
persist_on_time=0., persist_off_time=float('inf') if persist_until_canceled else 0.,
def pulse(self, color, n=float('inf'), persist_time=0., frequency=1.):
if frequency <= 0. or isnan(frequency) or isinf(frequency):
raise ValueError('frequency')
period = 1. / frequency
return self.push_status(on_color=color, off_color=(0., 0., 0.), fade_in_time=0.5 * period,
fade_out_time=0.5 * period, persist_on_time=persist_time, persist_off_time=0., n=n)
def blink(self, color, n=float('inf'), duty_cycle=0.5, frequency=1.):
if frequency <= 0. or isnan(frequency) or isinf(frequency):
raise ValueError('frequency')
if isnan(duty_cycle) or isinf(duty_cycle):
raise ValueError('duty_cycle')
duty_cycle = min(max(duty_cycle, 0.), 1.)
period = 1. / frequency
return self.push_status(on_color=color, off_color=(0., 0., 0.), fade_in_time=0., fade_out_time=0.,
persist_on_time=duty_cycle * period, persist_off_time=(1. - duty_cycle) * period, n=n)
def push_status(self, on_color, off_color=(0., 0., 0.), fade_in_time=0., fade_out_time=0.5, persist_on_time=0.,
persist_off_time=0., n=float('inf')):
if fade_in_time < 0. or isinf(fade_in_time) or isnan(fade_in_time):
raise ValueError('fade_in_time')
if fade_out_time < 0. or isinf(fade_out_time) or isnan(fade_out_time):
raise ValueError('fade_out_time')
if persist_on_time < 0. or isnan(persist_on_time):
raise ValueError('persist_on_time')
if persist_off_time < 0. or isnan(persist_off_time):
raise ValueError('persist_off_time')
if not isinf(n) and not isinstance(n, int):
raise TypeError('n')
elif n == 0:
raise ValueError('n')
if not isinstance(on_color, (tuple, list)) or len(on_color) != 3:
raise TypeError('on_color')
if not isinstance(off_color, (tuple, list)) or len(off_color) != 3:
raise TypeError('off_color')
return self._push(BlinkingStatus(on_color=on_color, off_color=off_color, fade_in_time=fade_in_time,
fade_out_time=fade_out_time, persist_on_time=persist_on_time,
persist_off_time=persist_off_time, n=n))
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