Commit 975ec68e authored by Andreas Gohr's avatar Andreas Gohr

we no longer even try to handle section editing

Section editing is only available to users who can write the page. User
who can write the page have access to all data in it, so hiding content
from them with ifauthex is useless in the first place.

For proper handling, we might need to overwrite the xhtml renderer and
tune a lot of internal variables and properties.
parent a5dc5a73
* Copy of syntax_plugin_wrap_closesection
* Used for special handling of headers
class syntax_plugin_ifauthex_closesection extends DokuWiki_Syntax_Plugin
function getType() { return 'substition';}
function getPType() { return 'block';}
function getSort() { return 195; }
* Dummy handler
function handle($match, $state, $pos, Doku_Handler $handler)
* Create output
function render($mode, Doku_Renderer $renderer, $indata)
if($mode == 'xhtml'){
/** @var Doku_Renderer_xhtml $renderer */
return true;
return false;
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