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ifauthex Plugin for DokuWiki
IfAuthEx Plugin for DokuWiki
[![pipeline status](](
**Toggle DokuWiki page content based on users and groups with arbitrary boolean expressions.**
**Latest release: v0.0, [download here](**
You can use the download link URL to install it on DokuWiki directly.
**Toggles content depending on user and user groups.**
**GitHub mirror (issues and PR): [](**
Feel free to [open an issue]( or [make a pull request]( here.
**Documentation: [](**
**Main repository: [](**
Development, testing and packaging happens on the main repo.
**Last commit:** [![pipeline status](](
This plugin intends to replace the [IfAuth plugin](, but
it's an independent reboot. IfAuth can only "or" different expressions, therefore it's not possible
to target expressions like `@user && !@admin`. IfAuthEx fixes these limtations extending the syntax
to arbitrary boolean expression (in for a penny...), that uses PHP standard logical operators `||`,
`&&`, `!`, as well as parentheses.
Plugin notes
All documentation for this plugin can be found at
If you install this plugin manually, make sure it is installed in
`lib/plugins/ifauthex/` - if the folder is called different it
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