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  • v0.2 protected   Multibyte string support, less restrictive literals, quoted literals.
    Release v0.2

    Less restrictive literals

    Now a user name or a group is matched by the regular expression [\w.-]+, which means that dots and dashes (. and -) can be used freely in usernames.

    Quoted literals

    User names and groups that are not matched by [\w.-]+ can still be quoted. This allows any character to be part of a username. Double quotes must be used, e.g. "user space name". Double quotes themselves can be escaped by a backslash: "did you actually put \" in a username?". Out of completeness, a backslash can also be specified, but it must be escaped to (i.e. doubled): "you can insert \"`.

    Multibyte support

    If the PHP extension mbstring is loaded, IfAuthEx will automatically treat the strings as multibyte with UTF-8 encoding. When mbstring is not loaded, it will automatically fallback to standard string functionality (single byte). This means that all multibyte characters matching \w are automatically valid user name and group characters.

  • v0.1 protected   Fix section editing.
    24f29661 · Update release date ·
  • v0.0 protected   First release.
    2b2c6c84 · Updated description ·