Commit acae8782 authored by Bogdano Arendartchuk's avatar Bogdano Arendartchuk

Feed tg messages to telegram so that other plugins process it too

parent 978cab08
......@@ -58,16 +58,26 @@ class TelegramBridge(callbacks.Plugin):
self._tgIrc = None
def _feedToSupybot(self, author, text):
newMsg = ircmsgs.privmsg(self._tgTargetChannel, text.encode("utf8"))
newMsg.prefix = self._tgIrc.prefix.encode("utf8")
newMsg.nick = author.encode("ascii", "replace")
self.log.debug("feeding back to supybot: %s", newMsg)
def _processTelegramLine(self, line):
if self._tgIrc is not None:
expr = r"\[\d\d:\d\d\] %s (?P<author>.*) >>> (?P<msg>.*)" % (self._tgChat)
found =, line, re.U)
if found:
author ="author")
if author != self._tgNick:
orig_author ="author")
if orig_author != self._tgNick:
author = orig_author.replace(" ", "")
msg ="msg")
line = "[%s] %s" % (author, msg)
self._feedToSupybot(author, msg)
def _telegramLoop(self):
while True:
......@@ -130,7 +140,8 @@ class TelegramBridge(callbacks.Plugin):
def doPrivmsg(self, irc, msg):
irc = callbacks.SimpleProxy(irc, msg)
channel = msg.args[0]
if not msg.isError and channel in irc.state.channels:
if (not msg.isError and channel in irc.state.channels
and not msg.from_telegram):
text = msg.args[1]
if ircmsgs.isAction(msg):
text = ircmsgs.unAction(msg).decode("utf8")
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