Commit ec393d50 authored by Giacomo Lavermicocca's avatar Giacomo Lavermicocca Committed by Pietro Saccardi
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parent a480b8d3
......@@ -70,11 +70,7 @@ public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
List<SubscriptionInfo> t = sms.getSubscriptionList(getApplicationContext());
//sms.sendSMS(getApplicationContext(), "+393404800561", "OPEN_0");
sms.Do(2, "+393404800561", null, "OPEN_2", null, null);
//sendSMS("+393404800561", "OPEN_1");
sms.Do(2, "", null, "OPEN_2", null, null);
private void sendSMS(final String phoneNumber, final String message) {
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