Commit d616d9a7 authored by Aljaž Srebrnič's avatar Aljaž Srebrnič

Add blurb and logo to login page

parent 884e01a4
...@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ class Plugin extends Base ...@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ class Plugin extends Base
$this->hook->on('template:layout:css', array('template' => 'plugins/MittelTheme/Template/css/main.css')); $this->hook->on('template:layout:css', array('template' => 'plugins/MittelTheme/Template/css/main.css'));
# $this->template->hook->attach('template:layout:top', 'MittelTheme:layout/top'); # $this->template->hook->attach('template:layout:top', 'MittelTheme:layout/top');
# $this->template->setTemplateOverride('header', 'mitteltheme:layout/header'); # $this->template->setTemplateOverride('header', 'mitteltheme:layout/header');
$this->template->hook->attach('template:auth:login-form:before', 'MittelTheme:layout/login-before');
$this->template->setTemplateOverride('header/title', 'MittelTheme:layout/title', array( $this->template->setTemplateOverride('header/title', 'MittelTheme:layout/title', array(
'project' => isset($project) ? $project : null, 'project' => isset($project) ? $project : null,
'task' => isset($task) ? $task : null, 'task' => isset($task) ? $task : null,
<img alt="Mittelab Logo" src="/plugins/MittelTheme/Template/img/logo.svg" width="130" style="float: left;"/>
<h1>Welcome to Mittelab Tasks!</h1>
This is the service used to manage tasks and stuff we do at the space.
Members only!
<div style="clear:both;">&nbsp;</div>
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